Cavs Rumors: Eric Bledsoe Wants to Play With LeBron

Cavs Rumors: Eric Bledsoe Wants to Play With LeBron


They say the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. This age-old adage is certainly holding true in regards to King James himself and his new look Cleveland Cavaliers.

After acquiring all-star Kevin Love, former Miami Heat sharp shooters Mike Miller and James Jones, it seems like any free agent worth clamoring about is ready to assist the King on his quest to bring the city of Cleveland a Larry O’Brien Trophy.

The latest free agent willing to bring his services to Cleveland? Eric Bledsoe of the Phoenix Suns.

According to Sam Amico of Fox Sports Ohio, although Bledsoe is more than likely to sign a one-year qualifying deal with the Suns, the young point guard would like to play with LeBron James if possible.

Here is the exact quote from Amico as he responded to a fan’s question about the possible whereabouts of Bledsoe,

“Phoenix. One a one-year deal. Just my prediction. I can tell you he, like many others, wants to play with LeBron. Not sure I ever see that happening, though. At least not for Bledsoe.”

Seeing as how the Cavs already have an all-star point guard in Kyrie Irving and a solid shooting guard in Dion Waiters, it’ll be tough seeing Bledsoe being added to this roster via a sign-and-trade, especially with the gargantuan contract that Bledsoe is asking for.

The only way the Cavs would be able to acquire Bledsoe would be for Bledsoe to sign his qualifying offer and become an unrestricted agent at the season’s end. Even then Bledsoe would have to sign for the mid-level exception, which is most likely not going to happen. So, although Bledsoe would like to play with James, actually doing so is a whole different story.




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