Cavs Not Willing to Give up Wiggins

Cavs Not Willing to Give up Wiggins


There has been much speculation that the Cleveland Cavaliers are looking to add one more piece to the championship puzzle and the buzz around the streets has everyone talking about Kevin Love.

Well, recently, the Cavs have made one thing clear: they are not willing to part ways to number one draft pick Andrew Wiggins. After Saturday’s summer league practice, the media spoke to head coach David Blatt as he said, “There’s no reason or cause for worry on his part because Andrew’s not going anywhere, as far as I know and as far as the club has expressed.”

The possibility of Andrew Wiggins being mentored by LeBron James is surreal. Here we have the best player on the planet and under his wing we have possibly one of the best players in the league for years to come. 19 year-old Wiggins gave his thoughts on being mentored by the King, “The best player comes to your team, it’s going to be a great learning experience for me to play alongside the best in the game.”

According to ESPN, Blatt also added, “I would think for a guy like Andrew, to have the opportunity to play with arguably one of the best players of all time, and to learn from him and to be tutored by him and to play alongside him — which he will — I gotta think that’s a tremendous boost to his confidence and his comfort level and probably his motivation.”

LeBron has always been thought to be a great mentor and team leader with a high basketball IQ and the fact that he now has the top NBA prospect in his grasp, dangerous things could soon come for the city of Cleveland.




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