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Joon has been writing for the NBA since 2005 as a beat writer for multiple teams such as the Memphis Grizzlies, Sacramento Kings, Miami Heat, and Cleveland Cavaliers. Joon currently writes for and is proud to be one of the lead staff writers on Cavs Nation

Kyrie Irving’s 10 Best Crossovers of All Time

22-year old Kyrie Irving has always been known for his ridiculous ball-handling, staking his claim by regularly embarrassing the opposition with his crossover dribbles and series of juke moves. Among the best ball handlers in the NBA including Chris Paul, Derrick Rose, Jamal Crawford, Stephen Curry, and Tyreke Evans, Kyrie may be the most entertaining. Our staff has…

Video: LeBron Rocks The Rim With The Vicious Hammer

Just hours after LeBron James said he was sorry for not dunking as often, he threw down a vicious dunk in the second quarter of the Cleveland Cavaliers-New Orleans Pelicans game on Monday night. The Cavs currently trail the Pelicans by five in the third quarter while LeBron has 10 points, seven rebounds, and five…

20 Dopest LeBron James Sneakers of All Time

Fresh out of high school, LeBron James was the target of a three-way bidding war between Reebok, Nike, and Adidas, eventually inking a deal with Nike for approximately $90 million. Although James is known to have one of the most expensive shoes on the market, his signature shoes have always performed well for Nike. In…

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